Side Projects

These are my most popular side projects, from newest to oldest:

  • AItheneum: A collection of classic books enhanced with AI to make them easier to read and understand. Built with Django, HTMX, OpenAI, and LlamaIndex.
  • Django HTMX Components: A collection of components built with Django and HTMX that you can copy and paste into your projects.
  • (dead): AI real estate listing description generator. It reduces the time it takes to write a listing from 1 hour to 2 minutes. I made it using Django, HTMX, _hyperscript, replicate, and OpenAI.
  • deepsheet: AI tool that helps you analyze data and make graphs using ChatGPT. I made it using Plotly, Pyodide, Litestar, and ChatGPT.
  • Namemancer (dead): AI tool that helps you come up with cool names for your startup. It generates a list of 20 potential names, accompanied by fitting slogans, and checks if the corresponding .com domains are available. Then, it scores and ranks the names for you.
  • Ask Seneca: A GPT3-based stoic philosopher who gives you life advice based on Seneca's writings. It also gives you the sources it used to answer your questions.
  • Shell Genie (archived): A command-line tool that lets you interact with the terminal in plain English. You ask the genie what you want to do and it will give you the command you need. It uses GPT-3 in the backend.
  • Python Data Visualization Cookbook: An interactive cookbook with +35 recipes for creating commonly used graphs with pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, and The code is available here.
  • Pandas Cheat Sheet: An interactive cheat sheet with code snippets demonstrating basic pandas operations. The code is available here.
  • Fast Flood (dead): A daily logic puzzle based on Flood. I made it after the NYT bought Wordle for more than $1 million. Fast Flood got more than 100,000 visitors, was written about in newsletters with millions of readers, and led to a low five-figure offer to buy it. I turned down the offer. I'm still waiting for a call from the NYT.
  • planMIR (dead): A web app that helps physicians prepare for the Spanish medical residence entry exam. I made it to help my wife prepare for the exam while learning more about Django.
  • Anchoring: Another cognitive science experiment. The instructions were lengthier and led to some confusion, so people didn't find it as interesting as the 2-4-6 task.
  • The 2-4-6 Task: A fun cognitive science experiment designed by Peter Wason in the 1970s. It sparked some insightful discussions on reddit. Try it yourself before reading about it!
  • Polituits: A web app that tracked the sentiment toward Spanish politicians on Twitter in near-real time. I trained the models, built the frontend and backend, and deployed the app on an Ubuntu server. I learned a lot in the process!
  • Stay Home & Learn: A collection of free educational and self-improvement resources made free due to the pandemic. I created it with Google Sheets and a little HTML and CSS.