Freelance Data Scientist & Machine Learning Engineer

Side Projects

I enjoy working on side projects to learn about new technologies while also creating things that others might find useful.

Here's a list of my side projects that are still alive:

  • Python Data Visualization Cookbook: An interactive cookbook with +35 recipes for creating commonly used graphs with pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, and The code is available here.
  • Pandas Cheat Sheet: An interactive cheat sheet with code snippets demonstrating basic pandas operations. The code is available here.
  • Fast Flood: A daily logic puzzle based on Flood. I created it after the NYT paid more than $1 million for Wordle. Fast Flood received +100k visitors, was featured in newsletters with millions of subscribers, and resulted in a low 5-figure acquisition offer. I declined the offer. NYT, I'm still waiting for your call 😅
  • planMIR: A web app that helps physicians prepare for the Spanish medical residence entry exam. I made it to help my wife prepare for the exam while learning more about Django.
  • The 2-4-6 Task: A fun cognitive science experiment designed by Peter Wason in the 1970s. It sparked some insightful discussions on reddit. Try it yourself before reading about it!
  • Anchoring: Another cognitive science experiment. The instructions were lengthier and led to some confusion, so people didn't find it as interesting as the 2-4-6 task.
  • Polituits: A web app that tracked the sentiment toward Spanish politicians on Twitter in near-real time. I trained the models, built the frontend and backend, and deployed the app on an Ubuntu server. I learned a lot in the process!
  • Stay Home & Learn: A collection of free educational and self-improvement resources made free due to the pandemic. I created it with Google Sheets and a little HTML and CSS.